Let’s give the hive some flair.

Winter can be so long and I was really in need of something to keep me busy while I waited for Spring to arrive. Here in Montana you never really know when that is going to be. The hive I purchased was preassembled but it wasn’t painted or primed. I figured throwing a quick coat of paint on it would be a productive way to pass the time. No, no, I couldn’t just go with white. My bees deserved a hive with some character. After looking into it I found out that bees don’t like dark colors and that is why most hives are painted pastel colors. I’m not a fan of the usual and went with a vibrant blue green called Eucalyptus and added a decorative gold honeycomb pattern just for the fun of it. I’m sure the bees will love it!

*Don’t mind our garage door. The chickens thought it would be fun to peck out the insulation. The hubs made do with a can of Great Stuff.


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