My package has finally arrived!

After loading up on all of my equipment I moved forward with purchasing a package (rather than a nuc) of bees through a local farm supply store. Why a farm supply store? Because they helped me through the process and made it extra easy. I’m a full time wife, mother, and professional… anything that saves me time is a plus! I had the option between Italian or Carniolans. After much debate I decided to go with the Carniolans. They seemed to be a great well rounded bee for my area and experience level (watch for a future post on my research).The store did a great job of calling to update me on the expected arrival date of my precious cargo. The day before they arrived I received one last call letting me know they would be there the next day and that I had 8 hours to pick them up. My family and I went the very next morning to get them. They were all stacked up on a pallet and were much quieter than I expected! After months of waiting I was finally able to meet my bees and take my first official step towards becoming a “beekeeper”. I found myself immediately mesmerized by the weight of the package and the bees fluid look as they “cuddled” together to stay warm. I loaded them in the back of the war pony (my beloved Cherokee) and off we went for our grand adventure!



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